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The Nun - Film Review

The Nun (2018)

Director – Corin Hardy

Starring – Taissa Farmiga, Damián Bichir and Jonas Bloquet

The Nun is a supernatural horror film which acts as a prequel to the Conjuring franchise and focuses on theme of demonic possession. I found the director's use of cinematography to be highly impressive and I was blown away with how Corin Hardy’s vision was brought to life on screen. The visual and sound effects were majestic for a director who has few film credits to his name.

The story kicks off with Father Burke (Demiàn Bichir), a priest working for the Vatican as a special investigator, assigned to seek out evil spirits and possessions. Accompanied by Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), he is tasked with inquiring into the suspicious death of a nun at a Romanian convent. Along the way, they team up with a French-Canadian villager, Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet), but soon realise that unfortunate events could put them all in danger.

The musical score heightened the level of suspense and the jump scares weren’t over-used. What The Nun holds up to in terms of cinematography and stunning camera effects, it unfortunately lacks in its story. The movie was not as compelling as I'd hoped it would be. I found the plot tedious and in need of tweaking. Although the cast was well put together and the acting was great, the lack of depth in the narrative, left me lacking empathy for the characters. Feeling no connection with them throughout the film, I wasn't fussed about what their fate would be by the end.

Overall, I did enjoy the film for what it was. It had a great spooky atmosphere and kept within the horror trope. If you like the supernatural horror genre and don’t mind jumping out of your seat a couple of times, then I would recommend this film.

I would rate The Nun 6/10.

Reviewed by Lynsey McLaughlin for Hellhound

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