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House on Haunted Hill - Film Review

House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Director – William Castle

Starring - Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Elisha Cook Jr, Caroyln Craig, Allan Marshal and Julie Mitchum

What I admire about this classic film is that House on the Haunted Hill doesn’t take itself too seriously. The excessive use of sound effects and the exaggerated performances of the characters made it a fun watch.

Frederick Loren (Vincent Price) and his wife Annabelle Loren (Carol Ohmart) host a rather unusual dinner party at a rented haunted house. Frederick then invites a group of seven strangers to attend, offering to pay each of them ten thousand dollars if they survive the evil spirits that exist in the house. As the story unravels, it becomes clear that it’s not the ghosts that the guests should fear but instead a murderous plot to kill one of the seven of them.

For a film that was made 1959, it was ahead of its time. Director William Castle and screen writer Robb White poked fun at the horror genre in a rare and enjoyable way. I found the prosthetics used in the movie to be a nice touch to show the atmosphere of the film and the tricky camera work they used at the time.

If you enjoy old classics (like me) then this movie is for you. It has a little bit of everything - horror, comedy, suspense and cleverness. I would have to give this golden oldie an 8/10

Reviewed by Lynsey McLaughlin for Hellhound

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