In The Woods Outside

Rowan Hill

The new girl broke her lips away from Jake’s and took a deep breath in respite. It was hot inside the small car as the two young people began to mingle their bodies over the middle console. Condensation formed on the windows of the Mazda RX7, blocking their view of the outside woods but also shielding them from prying eyes. Her hand clasped the gear shift, rubbing the little red button on the back of the hard shaft.

“What’s this do?” she asked as he continued to kiss the dewy skin on her neck.

Jake pulled away from the base of her throat to look down, a small grin coming over his face as she continued to stroke the shifter suggestively.

“That is the Nitrous Oxide injector for the engine,” he responded and laughed at her when she frowned in confusion. He dumbed it down for her, “It makes my fast car go really fast.”

The brunette’s eyebrows arched in surprise. “Really fast?” she clarified as he came back down to her neck, sucking the skin hard enough to leave a hickey. He nodded and mumbled into the crook of her neck.

“Like, outrun-cops kinda fast.”

His hand wandered down to the top of her loose jeans and she squirmed, grasping his head. Abruptly, the familiar sound of a branch breaking underfoot outside her passenger door caught her attention and she pushed him away to look out the foggy window.


“Did you hear that?” she whispered. He briefly glanced outside before continuing his kisses down her neck to her ill-fitted sweater. Pulling the neckline down, he was pleasantly surprised she wasn’t wearing a bra for a woman with such large breasts.

He mumbled before taking one of them in his mouth indulgently, “It’s nothing, probably a possum.”

She swiped a hand over the condensation blocking her view and ignored his fingers and mouth. “How far away is the main road? And why did we have to come so far out into these woods again?” she muttered, still searching the dark woods outside the car.

Jake broke away from the woman, slightly frustrated. When she approached him at the beginning of the night as he was leaning against his car outside the town bar, she seemed eager for a quick tumble. At first, he thought she was homeless with her baggy clothes, but she was too beautiful, too confident. She was, however, frigid. And was now using anything as an excuse. He leaned up against her headrest.

“You said you wanted privacy. No one’s going to be snooping out here.”

The young woman who introduced herself as Sarah, bit her lip in worry, still looking outside to the blurred edges of the woods. Jake smiled for a moment. Sarah said she was new to town and didn’t know anyone. He teased to her in a whisper, “You know, there is an insane asylum across this forest.”

Her head whipped around with wide eyes, “What? Really?”

He grinned and sidled closer, imitating a protective position, “About four miles or so from where we are right now. But don’t worry, I got you.”

Sarah continued to bite her lip, almost erotically and stared outside into the darkness. Jake looked down at the wide curves of her body once again and slipped his hand down her pants and into her plain underwear. Sarah, despite her worry for the presence outside, unconsciously moaned and her body went lax in the seat.

Another branch broke outside the car and she shot up. “There! I heard it again.”

Jake sighed and pulled his hand out, this chick was not going to give it up without some kind of game. “Okay, okay I’ll check it out, would that make you feel more relaxed?”


Sarah looked like she was about to say no. They should just forget about tonight and get out of the creepy woods bordering an asylum for the criminally insane. But before she could say any of that, Jake leaned off her and into his own seat, opening his door.

The performance car sat low to the ground and he swung his legs out but stayed in his car seat. Fog eerily hovered over the land in the late hour, hiding anyone who wanted to remain hidden. He suddenly wasn’t sure of the wisdom of investigating imagined sounds for a quick fuck.

A strong arm abruptly came around his neck from behind, encircling it and tightening like a serpent coiling around prey. He grabbed at the arm but found it to be too strong to pry off and began to choke under the pressure. Sarah pulled the arm constricting Jake’s airway back into her body and dragged him into the car for better leverage. His legs kicked the empty air and his arms flailed against the steering wheel, the horn honking sporadically. She violently jerked her forearm, assuring she was clenching his neck hard.

After a minute of the close, smothering embrace, Jake’s wild fight for his life had finished. Satisfied, Sarah pushed the body out of her new car and let it tumble to the damp earth. She eyed his skinny jeans, a much better fit for her than the ones she had stolen from the clothesline.

Sarah was just folding the naked corpse into the small trunk of the car when another young woman emerged from the forest. She eyed her cellmate’s simple hospital shift, a smear of the asylum orderly’s blood quite visible, and threw her old clothes to the woman who caught it deftly and without question.

“Took you a while,” she said as she pulled on the jeans.

“Jealous?” Sarah replied with a smirk.

The new woman said nothing but slammed the trunk with aggressive force, making sure it hit the corpse inside. They climbed into the small car and the lovers embraced over the console. Their hot breaths melded together with full lips as the adrenaline from their escape and possibly capture still spurned through their veins. Eventually, they broke apart and Sarah’s girlfriend relaxed into the passenger seat.

“Nice car,” she commented, eyeing the interior with its LED-illuminated features.

Sarah turned the ignition over and listened to the loud thrum of the 6 cylinders and wiggled her eyebrows.

“It’s really fast.”


Rowan Hill is an author currently on hiatus as an ESL Professor and living on a volcano in Sicily. She loves writing flawed female protagonists and has found they work well in extreme environments. She has writing credits with Cemetery Gates, Kandisha Press, and Curious Blue Press. All of which can be found on her website and her Twitter @WriterRowanHill