Salacious scalpels slice three fingers from the left hand; precise, neat cuts.

1, 2, 3.

A dull, blunt blade lingers over the right forearm, flirting with the tip of the ulna. Rusty, jagged edges tease the skin before grinding at the bone: the sinews and nerves twitch in unison. Raw flesh exposed like clumps of tenderised meat falling from the bone, it’s host a rotting carcass. Mutilated, manipulated. What’s on the menu tonight?

You are.


Decadently deviant, 49 offers a twisted and tormenting insight into their living nightmares and the menacing reality of mental illness. A newly established composer of unnerving art and obscure narrative, this UK-based LGBTQ+ creator digs into the darkest depths of depravity leaving no room for mercy.