Hellhound is on online magazine, conceived in January 2021 to provide a home to all things horror; original stories, reviews, movies, art and interviews. Opportunities for new writers to have their stories published can be few and far between, with many of those chances being filled by a plethora of established names. This free to access, online publication is designed to give a voice to those who have yet to have their stories told. While we want to discover new names, we still want the very best that horror fiction has to offer.  Bringing together a band of like-minded people  to guide you through the infernal fires, Hellhound aims to encompass everything that is dark, twisted and nightmarish.

In a good way, of course.

Emma Ormond - Chief Editor


Horror aficionado and avid reader. Quite possibly one of the most level-headed people you will ever met. Until you cross her. In which case, she is plotting the unfortunate details of your death and will  get away with it. We're serious. Don't cross her.

Jimmy Nicol - Editor


Scottish writer of horror, fantasy and science fiction. When not pulling out his limited amount of hair as he struggles behind the keyboard, has been been know to write sometimes. Animal lover. Vegetarian. Suspicious of mushrooms and the Osmond family.

Geraldine Whitson - Art Director


Graduated University West of Scotland with a BA honours in Contemporary Art and Design. Known to paint on buildings and walls. Once tried to bring home a pet calf. Is scared of everything. Has yet to realise everything should be scared of her.

Lynsey McLaughlin - Film Review


Lyns is a film fanatic with a particular kinship for horror, currently studying film and media. Loves to talk and write about horror. Passionate about film review, she has been known to analyse film theory with the clandestine brutality of a back alley autopsy.

Shaun Daly - Film Review


Indie filmmaker from Birkenhead, Shaun has several film credits to his name and lends several years experience in media to his critique craft. Director and scriptwriter. Described by many as an overall nice guy. Has a spacious garden and large collection of shovels.

Matt Butler - Columnist


MA Screenwriting graduate and proud member of the LGBT+ community. Sometimes makes his friends compete in twisted competitions for his own amusement. Likes to think he is Final Girl material, but we all know that the Butler really did it...

Yvonne Miller- Book Review


Yvonne is a book fanatic with a passion and hunger for Horror. She loves how the genre taps into our basal instinct – being scared. Passionate about promoting indie and diverse authors. Sub-genres that keep her dark heart pumping?  Madness & Paranoia, Splatter and Gothic. Has a keen interest in landscape photography.